Dress Code

To maintain the standard of dress at Corhampton Golf Club the Management Committee has laid down the following rules. To save embarrassment to Members, Visitors and to the Staff of the golf club, please ensure that these rules are adhered to whilst visiting the golf club.


Sleeved shirts (long or short) with collars shall be worn at all times. Shirts/tops must be tucked into trousers/shorts at all times.

When wearing shorts, socks may be of any colour. Shoe socks may also be worn. Shorts must be tailored, designed for golf and should be cut no more than two inches above the knee. Cargo shorts are not allowed.

In the Clubhouse gentlemen are to wear socks at all times, unless wearing sandals or similar without socks.


Conventional golf wear is acceptable. Shirts may be either sleeveless with collar or collarless with sleeves. No tee shirts or vest type tops. Only tailored shorts are acceptable. No jogging shorts.

Golf shoes with sports socks (or shoe socks) may be worn.


Headgear must be appropriate to golf and worn correctly (i.e. peak at the front). Headgear of any kind is not permitted in the Clubhouse.

Smart, clean, tailored jeans may be worn in the clubhouse, but not on the course. Jeans with slits or holes are not allowed anywhere.

Combat or cargo type shorts or trousers, Track suits/Leisure suits are not permitted.

Training shoes/plimsolls are not permitted on the course or within the Clubhouse. Soft spiked or dimpled golf shoes are not to be worn in the Clubhouse other than locker rooms.

Trousers tucked into socks are not permitted unless waterproof trousers are worn on top.

Beach type, soccer, rugby or athletic shorts are not permitted.

Tailored shorts may be worn in the golf lounge and on the balcony at any time but may not be worn in the Dining room after 7 p.m. – unless a notice is posted to the contrary.

Mobile phones can be used to access the Internet or Apps, but calls cannot be made in the clubhouse or on the course, except in an emergency.

Provided they are smartly dressed the dress rules do not apply to children under 11 years of age. (Denim is not permitted).

For all formal occasions including dinner, match meals and social events members are expected to change out of golf wear – unless a notice is posted to the contrary.

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